What Exacty Is DubLi ?

DubLi is a name that has become very popular lately. For those who have heard about it but still wonder what exactly is DubLi we will explain it here. In just a few words, DubLi is the world’s ultimate entertainment, travel, and shopping destination. All aspects of the DubLi business combines on DubLi.com consumer website. There you have access to a website that is an online entertainment, shopping and travel portal.

On DubLi.com consumers can perform their online activities while earning significant cash back on all their purchases. You can book travel or shop with DubLi at the same merchants and websites you are using anyway, but with exciting cash back opportunities on all these purchases. DubLi hosts its shopping, travel, and entertainment websites globally in local currencies and local languages.The website is used by online consumers from all corners of the world for all their online travel booking and shopping needs.

The DubLi Company

The DubLi Company was launched in the year 2003. DubLi is a “global marketing company” specialized in offering great cash back deals on items from both online and offline retailers. At first the company started off in the auction world, however in the year 2014 the company decided to focus mainly on establishing its presence in the niche of cash back deals. They also operate an online marketing network that allows people to make money by bringing in new customers or associates into the network. Today, DubLi has become the biggest company on the planet operating in the direct selling ecommerce sector.

The DubLi Cashback System

DubLi is offering people products that they are buying anyway, but when purchasing through theDubLi link you also get cash back. Anyone can take advantage of the DubLi Cashback system by signing up for membership on DubLi.com and becoming a free member of the DubLi network. The cash back deals vary between 7 and 14 percent. Free members can accumulate monthly Cashback on all the purchases made. You can check the percentages of the amounts of Cashback next to each merchant’s name.

For those consumers who want to take advantage of additional features and user experiences, as well as earning greater Cashback, DubLi.com offers valued-added membership packages. The website is keeping its operating costs to a minimum by not keeping and physical goods in their inventories.V.I.P. members are eligible for 6 percent additional monthly Cashback and Premium members can earn another additional 4 percent Cashback.

You can withdraw your Cashback after 60 days from purchase.There are many options for withdrawal such as via the DubLi debit card, Global Bank Transfer, or eWallet transfer.

The Dubli Business Opportuniy

DubLi is allowing their associates to receive many benefits and share their success. Their compensation plan goes five levels deep, from a simple team member and team leader to team coordinator and sales director. The money you can make depend on how many DubLi associates you recruit for the network. You are compensated not only for the activities of the direct end users referred by you but also from the business generated by your referrals.

Among the advantages of being a DubLi Network Associate are included:

  • You can get paid when you and other people do what they are already doing
  • All the products involved are brand name
  • You can make money from cash back deals and also by offering cash back purchases to others
  • You can take advantage of a compelling service
  • You can have your share on a $300 billion global market

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