How To Download, Install & Shop With The DubLi Cashback Toolbar

You can shop more conveniently and get Cashback with the new DubLi Toolbar. All you have to do is to install the Toolbar and log in. Once you are logged in the DubLi Toolbar, whenever you browse the sites of your favorite merchants, you are able to activate your Cashback without even having to visit first the DubLi Shopping Mall. When you use your search engine in order to find a product, you will get a list of DubLi merchants where you can shop for that product, as well the potential Cashback earning. Any time you visit a website of a DubLi merchant, the DubLi Toolbar will automatically appear and allow you to activate your Cashback.

How To Download & Install

In order to download and install the DubLi Toolbar you have to create an account on website. Once you log into your account you have to select from the Menu Bar the DubLi Tools. There you’ll find the DubLi Toolbar. Choose your web browser from the list and select Download.

The download progress will be indicated by a download bar that appears at the bottom of your browser window. You have to wait until the file downloading is finished to your computer.

After the DubLi Toolbar is successfully downloaded on your computer select Read EULA and accept the license terms. Click on install now and the application will install on your computer.

In the download bar you also have to click the arrow next to the downloaded file and select “Show in folder”. If you are using a Mac select “Show in Finder” instead. Then go back to your browser window, click the menu icon and select “Tools” and then select “Extensions”.

Return to the window Finder on Mac orExplorer on PC and drag the downloaded extension file into the extension window of your browser. When you click on “Add”, your browser toolbar will include the icon of theDubLi Toolbar.

After the install select the application icon and enter your user name and password. Click on Login and you can now shop by using the Toolbar and get your Cashback.

How To Shop Using The Toolbar

The DubLi Toolbar will appear when you shop at your favorite online stores. The DubLi Toolbar is ready to use when the application’s icon is turning green. You can check out the best DubLi deals or review your Cashback earning by clicking on the icon in the DubLi Toolbar.

Not all the online stores are included in the DubLi Toolbar program, however you’ll find there most of the popular shops. In case that the DubLiToolbar fails to activate, you can just navigate to the store website from the DubLi Shopping Mall store’s direct link. This way you’ll ensure that your Cashbackis activated and any of your purchases at that particular online store is tracked. In case that you use the direct store link from the DubLi Shopping Mall’s direct store link it is not necessary to activate the Toolbar.

How To Collect Your Savings

As a free member you will receive monthly Cashbackon the purchases you make. You’ll see the amounts or percentages of Cashback displayed next to the merchant name. If you choose to become a V.I.P. member you will become eligible for an additional 6 percent monthly Cashback. A Premium membersip will allow you to earn an additional 4 percent extra monthly Cashback. Premium members can also savetheir playlists in DubLi Entertainment.

60 days from purchase you can withdraw your Cashback. In your My Account page you can collect your savings by Clicking on the Cash Organizer “Manage” link. You have the options to withdraw via Global Bank Transfer, DubLi Debit Card, or eWallet transfer.

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