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Dubli has teamed up with almost thousands of major and small time retailers with a web presence who want to sell their products online. Running a brick and mortar retail business is expensive and most companies have turned towards the internet to increase their customer base while keeping operating costs low, makes sense. Dubli is cashing in on this opportunity by helping retailers sell more by matching buyers who want deals, with retailers who are willing to offer them.

The Dubli Network Marketing Business.

Similar to other MLM companies, Dubli will also give you attractive commissions if you are successful in referring a few new clients to its existing list of customers. One of the most attractive points of Dubli is that it promises cashback deals not only for products but also for services such as travel, entertainment, insurance and financial services.

Dubli Network Business Review shows that many customers compare this company to popular MLM company Amway that was established about 5o years ago. However, there are several complaints by customers who never received any cashback despite buying products from companies’ websites.

Although many people call this network a scam, training is available for new entrants who want to be coached in order to tap this opportunity. People are doubtful about this business but so much talk about this has definitely encouraged them to try the free version of this online MLM business.

How to become a member?

You can become a member of the famous Dubli Network Business by choosing one of the three options: Free, V.I.P and Premium. While first option is available at no cost, you will have to pay $99 yearly fees to get a V.I.P membership and $4.95 monthly fees to get the premium membership.

Once the fees are paid, Dubli will let you download a toolbar from its website that facilitates you to search the web for products and services you want to purchase. The amount of cashback for each product you want to buy is visible through this toolbar. People usually get lured by attractive cashback deals on websites of popular blue chip companies such as Sony and Walmart.

The Dubli Cashback Rewards Program

Dubli Network is currently all about cashback deals but it started as an MLM company using the concept of reverse auction. The company allowed customers to buy Dubli credit cards and use them to bid on products at auction sites. This year it stopped using reverse auction and now engages in only cashback deals.

Dubli claims that on average its customer can save about $900 each year by buying through its network.   Of course this completely depends on how much a person spends online through their Dubli Toolbar.  This income, according to Dubli, can be compared to a residual income as the customer earns simply by buying what he really wants to buy and gets cashback deals without doing anything in particular.

Cashback System – Here we review the cashback rewards program and online shopping mall that DubLi has created.


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